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Dane County Bicycle Map

The Dane County Map for Bicyclists is a cooperative effort by The Greater Madison MPO,  The City of Madison, and Dane County.

Slice of Bike Map

The Dane County Bicycle Map is designed to assist bicycle riders in identifying the safest, most enjoyable routes for their trip.

The map depicts the relative condition of rural roadways (i.e., generally speed limit of 45 mph or higher) in the county for riding a bicycle. The bicycle suitability ratings are intended for use by adults who have had drivers’ education and possess the skills and knowledge to handle shared bicycle/motor vehicle situations.


The Dane County Bicycle Map online:

Dane County Bicycle Map Application for viewing in a web browser.

Dane County Bicycle Web Map that can be customized in

Low-Stress Bike Route Finder can be used to find urban street routes based on comfort levels.  Bicycling conditions for roadways in urban areas are not shown on The Dane County Bicycle Map.

Story Map of Featured Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails in Dane County.

Bicycle maps for the City of Madison and other areas in Dane County are available here:
Maps For Bicyclists.


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