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Map for Public Comment on Transportation Networks

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Regional Transportation Plan 2050 Map Dashboard



Dane County Bicycle Map (Bicycle facilities)

Low-Stress Bike Route Finder (Plan your bike ride)

Story Map: Featured Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails in Dane County



Transportation Improvement Program (Major projects)

Functional Classification Systems



Metro Transit Ridership by Bus Stop

Operating BRT Systems in the U.S. and Canada


Environmental Justice (EJ):

Environmental Justice Areas



Pedestrian Facilities



Planning Boundaries of the Greater Madison MPO

Active Living Index (Accessibility)

Journey to Work - Residence to Workplace Flow

Census Geography (2010) and TAZs (Means of Transportation to Work)



        City of Madison Map Data - City of Madison

        City of Madison Neighborhood Indicators - City of Madison, UW-Madison APL


        University of Wisconsin Campus Map - UW-Madison

        Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder - UW-Madison

        DCiMAP - Dane County Land Information Office

        WIDNR Interactive Web Mapping Applications - Wisconsin DNR

        TIGER Web Census Geography - U.S. Census Bureau