Greater Madison MPO

car and bike sharing

Car sharing might be just the thing to make it easier for you to not drive alone to work. Take the vanpool to Madison but grab a car at lunch to do some shopping or go to your favorite restaurant across town. Or maybe now that you’re bike commuting every day you’d like to reduce your household expenses by getting rid of one of your family’s vehicles but worried about occasions when you need a second car. Car sharing might be the answer.

ZipCar rents cars by the hour for individuals, families and businesses and has locations throughout Madison. In addition, ZipCar is available on the UW-Madison campus. With cars at four locations on campus this can be a great option for students or staff who would like access to a car once in a while but don’t want the expense and hassle of having their own car on campus.


Vehicle sharing services aren’t just for cars.  Maybe you are downtown or on campus and need a way to get somewhere quickly but don’t need a car and don’t want to wait for the next bus.  Then check out Madison’s bike sharing program, B-cycle. This service offers an efficient way to get to lunch, run an errand or just get some exercise on a nice day.