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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a frequent, high-capacity, limited-stop transit service that offers improved rider experience on busy travel corridors. It offers many similar advantages to rail transit, including reduced travel times, high capacity, operational efficiencies, attraction of new transit riders, and enhanced image.

The Greater Madison MPO completed a Transit Corridor Study in 2013 to develop and evaluate system-level and corridor-level concept plans for BRT along four primary transit corridors in the Madison area. The BRT feasibility study - led by SRF Consulting Group - analyzed potential BRT routing alternatives, identified passenger facility and fleet needs, assessed transit signal priority opportunities, and estimated costs and ridership levels. The BRT study was coordinated with a transit-oriented development market study focused largely on the BRT corridors, which was led by the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC). Based on the results of the study and observations from other communities where BRT has been implemented, it was concluded there was good potential for the successful implementation of BRT in the Madison area. See links below to the final 2013 BRT feasibility study report.

In 2017, City of Madison, Metro Transit, and Greater Madison MPO staff conducted a phase 1 BRT corridor feasibility analysis to identify the corridor that made most sense for an initial BRT route that could be implemented in the near-term. See links below to presentation and map regarding the phase 1 BRT corridor analysis. Based on this analysis the City of Madison approved moving forward with the next phase of study of BRT to confirm the selection of the east-west corridor, develop and evaluate initial BRT project options, and select the preferred BRT route.

The Madison East-West BRT Planning Study began in late fall 2018 and continued through fall 2019. A revised Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) was adopted by the Madison Common Council on January 5, 2021, and the project was selected for FTA Small Starts funding in 2021. The BRT project website, which includes site plans, architectural drawings, and more, is


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